Caterina Giardano | Architect

Caterina, a graduate of the Facoltà di Architettura of Reggio Calabria, Italy in 2007, has been a registered member of the Association of the Architects of Messina since the same year. Her professional journey has been closely tied with the Urban Future Organization (UFO) since 2008, showcasing her long-term dedication to collaborative architectural endeavors.

In addition to her work with UFO, Caterina has played a significant role as a member of the building commission of the municipality of Rometta, Messina, demonstrating her commitment to contributing to local development and governance.

Caterina’s collaborative efforts with the UFO office have resulted in notable successes, including victories in several international design competitions. These accomplishments include projects such as the Aci Sant’Antonio polycentre, the new waterfront and polycentre of Messina, the Super City of Shenzhen, and the visitor centre of the archaeological park of Tindari. Currently, Caterina remains actively engaged in advancing the office’s portfolio in Italy.