Jonas Lundberg | Architect

Jonas Lundberg is an architect active as a practitioner, researcher and educator in Gothenburg, Sweden and in London, England. Jonas received his Bachelor of Architecture 1995 from University of Kansas before studying at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London where he was awarded the AA Diploma Graduate Design Diploma in 1997 and RIBA part III in 2002. A common denominator for all of Jonas’ practice, teaching and research endeavors is a drive to develop new design technology and innovations capable of mitigation from, or adaptation to, consequences caused by a rapidly changing climate. The projects are often starting from idiosyncratic resources and materials requiring new forms of fabrication and production processes as well as types of structures having a reciprocal relationship to geometry and novel form. Jonas works actively with design and fabrication methodology with the goal of integrating new digital tools such as Building Information Modeling (BIM), digital fabrication and manufacturing, 3D scanning and VR and putting emerging digital tools and design techniques into practice.