Shanghai Expo Pavillion – Cross Laminated Timber (CLT)

A funscape of CLT timber covered by fake snow for bumsliding

Swedish Shanghai Expo Pavilion

The focus of the pavilion design is to encourage social interaction and inclusivity through the idea of 'FUN'. Using a Swedish infamous pastime, bum sliding (which involves sitting on a piece of plastic and sliding down a steep hillside), we encourage visitors to partake the activity and share this fun and cultural experience. The pavilion will be part of an informal, spontaneous and unexpected event that will be remembered.

The pavilion itself mimics the appearance of an ice cube/ iceberg with artificial snow on the roof. The roof comprises a range of slopes where visitors can slide down and it also provides a surface that serve as a stage for performances and manifestations of different kinds. The fa├žade of the pavilion provides a surface where the bum sliders are hung, and it will be designed by various Swedish designers. Visitors are then encouraged to unhook the sliders to slide down the slopes, which can be kept as a souvenir. One may wish to continue their experience in the ice bar and various exhibitions. The design strategy is based on creating a visual landmark, a special experience and an exhibition itself. The roofscape is shaped like a series of islands and it includes a terrace with ice bar, public sledding hills, amphitheatre, and the opportunity to sit down and a possible path to street level. It is a platform for playing and performances.

Every building component of the pavilion is made from inexpensive resources that can be recyclable which emphasize interest in building ecology and the environment. The design concept reveals Swedish's idea of openness, creativity, culture, ethics, technical competence and sustainability.
The construction of the pavilion comprises: Cross laminated solid wood which is used for all the supporting structure. Walls, roofs, rain and climate screen are made from recycled plastic slides. The snow is composed of super absorbent polymers (also found in diapers) that when the water evaporates it turns back into powder and can be reused. The bum slide wall being washed with water, forms a kind of climate control screen around the timber volumes and it is in this long narrow cool place that you can queue up for the exhibitions within pavilion.