LOCATION. Sydney, Australia

The Tri Wall, a collaboration between Urban Future, StudioWSH and the University of Technology Sydney (mDa Lab) featured as the interior space for the Transcapes / Artificial Nature exhibition that launched at the UTS gallery, Sydney.  The geometric module was originally conceived by students from the mDa Lab and had been further developed as an iteration of the prototype.  Parametric values such as aperture opening and flange rotation were set up in Bentley's Generative Components and transferred to Rhino3d for fabrication.

An entire scaffold was compiled with over 2500 modules of the sheared cube component which were assembled according to its effect and location within the wall.   The Tri-Wall is part of Urban Future's ongoing research into digital fabrication techniques of parametric and associative smart geometry.

Credits. Sumir Diwan; Nuno Gomes; David Kamel; Gaurav Malhotra; Ji Sun Park; Isha Dawar; Eun Gu; Yan Hou; StudioWSH