Slot Apartments




LOCATION. Sydney, Australia

We were commissioned to develop a sixteen one bed low cost apartment block in the suburb of Randwick. With an extremely tight site upon which sits an interwar single storey detached dwelling the main objective was to maximize FSR whilst maintaining solar access and privacy for the neighbouring properties. The project incorporates underground car parking for each apartment with direct access from the street into the foyer area at the center of the proposal. The facade is articulated to meet council requirements for a mix palette of materials and incorporates covered outdoor areas for each apartment.

The project is currently at the development application stage and is due for approval. We have been looking into methods of construction for minimal site time and ultimately lowering costs. Prefabrication strategies which would enable each apartment to be constructed off site and craned into position is one option which would vastly speed up the process and require minimal on site assembly. Another option on the table is using solid timber wall and floor construction which was been used to great success in Melbourne.