Sculpture By The Sea




LOCATION. Sydney, Australia

In collaboration with Elmar Trefz, Ardrian Hardjono, Philip Peltz and Ned Gain we designed an interactive light sculpture for Bondi Icebergs dining rooms as part of Australias largest outdoor art event, Sculpture by the Sea.  The proposal frames an artificial digital landscape within the confines of Bondi Icebergs little pool represented through contoured lines. As the user walks, moves or dances on the balcony facing the pool a camera detects your actions and begins distorting the lines leaving patterns and traces of your presence.

These patterns and colour gradients have varying life cycles and depending on the amount of activity that is taking place, the lightscape adapts and reconfigures accordingly. We took inspiration from under water topographies which are controlled by a rich array of inputs either by the natural effects of erosion, extreme weather conditions or mans intervention. When combined these form highly complex formal and performative outcomes that are consistently different.