Ramundberget House




LOCATION. Ramundberget, Sweden

The buildings are based on traditional longhouses. Five buildings divided in three apartments each climb the steep mountainside in middle of the ski system. The strategy for the project was to construct for as low cost as possible, a timber ski hut with a low ecological footprint. At the same time aesthetically not reducing it to a log cabin but instead giving it the comfortable properties of a home away from home. One of the main tasks was to make a simple construction in this remote area where the closest hardware store is two hours away. Therefore, keeping it simple by only using two materials, solid wood and pine paneling which became the corner stone of the project. To be able to meet building codes and regulations without any use of insulating material, the layout was based on large, super insulated windows to the south, heating the black floors (heat accumulates in thermal mass of solidwood and in the hydronic radiant floor heating system) and with the help of Thermoshield applied directly at the rough industrial grade solid wood wall to keep a lower indoor temperature.