LOCATION. Sydney, Australia

This large scale modulated light was designed for our Darlinghurst office in order to hang over our long bank of desks. We were interested in developing a module that could be repeated over and extend to as many desks that were required by using a combination of off the shelf components and unique 3D printed connections. We took the opportunity to utilise online 3D printing services which output to a high resolution using white plastic which is durable and extremely inexpensive. The structure comprised of 20mm diameter aluminium circular hollow sections in lengths of 1.5m or 1m which, were connected to our 3D printed components and LED profiles supplied by Inlite Sydney. With all the material delivered to our office it was simply a matter of connecting all the separate elements, wiring each of the LEDS and hanging the module in place.
We see this prototype as a lighting product with could be designed by a client using a simple online app whereby the number of modules could be imputed as well as the density and spacing. Once set the design could be checked out and all the components sent to the client for assembly.