Pelicano Bar




LOCATION. Sydney, Australia

IMAGES. pelicano bar

Pelicano Bar is a chic bar / restaurant located Double Bay, Sydney. The design called for the re-activation of a sub-ground basement volume located directly on one of the most under-rated & emerging new gastronomical avenues in Sydney's eastern suburbs.

Through an expanding of the entry opening, we were able to maximise natural lighting to the three levels below, creating a layered coherence with its locality, celebrating Sydney's relationship with nature.  This referencing is continued within materiality and patterning of the furniture along with the bar staff's attire, playing on the harbourside identity of Double Bay.
Original Basquaits, Lichtensteins and Warhols line the walls of the three bar and dining levels, complimenting the nautical furnishings, reflecting the luxury and new theme of the superyachts speckling the foreshore of Sydney harbour.