Lifestyle Node




LOCATION. Melbourne , Australia

The proposal called for the reuse of 303 Chapel Street, Melbourne - a vast Edwardian building with upper floors that have been left largely unused for the past fifty years.  The brief required a lifestyle retail zone on the 1st floor, a gym on the 2nd and 3rd and offices on the 4th.  Through the design of an artificial interior landscape as a spatial arrangement methodology, as opposed to traditional vertical separations, the proposal aims to combine the grandeur of the existing building with an alternative zoning technique and a rich mixture of commercial and retail program which work on a flexible plan. The zones are arranged between the landscape not only using the forms as a means of spatial separation, but also as work and display surfaces.  The forms are sculpted to allow for various media to be displayed including print, audio and visual media.

The gym is organised in a similar sequence of spaces divided between areas of high-energy individual workouts areas and group studios.   Again the concept allows the user to engage and utilize the separate zones by having a visual connectivity with each area but also being separated by the artificial landscape.