Laneways by George!




LOCATION. Sydney, Australia

The idea for this project began with a reflection on how our city is viewed. Historical precedents such as David Williamsons play emerald city are quoted as a way of highlighting the ambitions and affluence of Sydney society that is 'a beauty and potential of realising dreams and riches sparkling across our glorious harbour'. Responding to the site specific invitation, we narrowed in on Abercrombie laneway.

By day the proposal addresses architectural deficiencies and reactivates. A new, undulating, digitally fabricated, recycled-plastic curtain, with hardier plywood components at ground-level, fortifies the inner-city monochromatic light-coloured podium, emphasises the spatial experience of the laneway. The new net-like curtain heightens the lanes sense of constriction, verticality and the romantic tectonic qualities.

By night the curtain, and the laneway, is transformed. Through the assistance of black-light, hidden edgy graffiti and projected seductive artwork emerge to re-activate the space with our creative shadows. This laneway intervention embraces the hidden undergrowth and manifests it into beauty and light.

Collaborators: Dr Sarah Benton, Bodega Black