Amalfi Resort





As an award-winning design project by an invited international multidisciplinary team which, was led by an Italian architect, Luigi Centola, and an Italian academic, Mariagiovanna Ritano of Salerno University, with firms like Miralles & Tagliabue also involved this proposal looks into a number of crucial issues in energy conservation and architectural sustainability. The refurbishment of disused industrial buildings in Italy was set as a competition brief, with individual areas then being assigned to teams as specific locales for investigation. For the design team which included UFO, their aim was to revitalise the run-down agricultural area of the Mulini Valley, a river which runs into Amalfi on Italys western coast. The elements of the multi-use project proposed by Urban Future Organization (UFO) for the reuse of an old paper mill, which were essentially for a youth hostel and paper-making facility - as well as a culinary school and spa - respond to the current trend of what is called agri-tourism. They also reinstate the original spaces of the old mill buildings by assigning them with new purposes and new relationships to the landscape. Much of the UFO construction would be submerged underground to improve energy performance and to integrate better with the beautiful natural surroundings. The scheme thus blends innovation with conservation and contextualism.