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code to production canopy construction

Big canopy

19 February 2014

the structure of the minimal tension terrace canopy has now been completed for the apartment in the sydney CBD.  the assembly of the framing was carried out by students at the university of sydney (USYD) that had been studying the code to production elective in which students researched design, fabrication and construction methods using algorithms within the grasshopper 3d environment.  part of the elective required a week of site construction of one of urban futures architectural projects.

the canopy was prototyped with USYD cnc / laser cutters, was fabricated at 1:1 by central coast marine installations (CCMI) and brought to site on a one ton ute.  with the site 3d scanned, the parts were assembled on site to an accuracy within 1mm.  the structure will now be clad with a clear impact resistant glazing that will be cnc milled at usyd and 3m taped onto the structure.  below are a few shots of the construction process.